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We hope to teach you a new awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. We also hope that you’ll gain the knowledge and the ability to heal yourself from within whether you have physical ailments, emotional stress and baggage or spiritual needs. Reiki energy can offer you the opportunity "feel" how your body and mind can improve your well being. You can find something that meets your needs and blends with your personality, hopes, and goals.   Namaste, friends. 

Tammy Petruccelli,  a Usui Reiki Master,  Certified Medical Reiki Master, Shiv Yogini Healer, Healing Touch Level 2, ordained non-denominational minister, and medium, has been a Reiki practitioner since 2006.

   Continuing education credits in Healing Touch, Shambhava ShivYog, Angel Healing Energy, Aromatherapy, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Energy Therapy, Reflexology, Homeopathy and is still continuing daily on a variety of classes and working with enlightened others to learn and share so that I can grow personally and professionally to bring other talented people to our center.

  As a Medical Reiki Master, I am certified to accompany patients into the Operating Room to give Reiki during their surgeries and to officially use the terms "Integrative Medicine",  "Energy Medicine", " Complimentary and Alternative Medicine".  Only a handful of reiki masters across the United States and Canada are certified by Raven Keyes, reiki master to the Doctors of New York Presbyterian/ Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, NY.

 A wife, mother and grandmother I am using my "empty nest" to bring health, happiness and well being to myself, my family, my friends and those friends I have yet to meet.

I have the pleasure to have my daughter Andrea Petruccelli, Reiki II Practitioner, a reiki practitioner since the age of 12. Andrea is a college student with a very heightened energy awareness and is also learning chakra cleansing. Andrea attends Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fl so her availability is limited.

Anita Gery- Reiki Master/Teacher, Ear Candling, Qi Gong instructor from Wilmington area. Anita has been a Reiki Practitioner for over fifteen years and leads the Qi Gong classes. A talented jewelry maker we carry Anita's Reiki energized jewelry.


Visiting Professionals 


Jenelle Green - Ebu Sala Nanda - Body Alchemy & Energetics - Jenelle is local and comes in on special occasions to use her gifts to help people to change on a cellular level their needs and desires, physically, spiritually, emotionally..  Unleash your gifts and talents, expand your consciousness, desire a new level of happiness and abundance. 

Barbara Reynolds - - Barbara lives in Colorado and comes once a month to do activations. We are honored to have her do her activations here. An activation is a spirit guided energy healing. During an Activation, the vibration within the body is raised using a combination of techniques including working with crystals, sound, purposeful intention, visualization and touch.  Raising the vibration within our body opens up the possibility to clear any pattern, programming, karma and distempering belief systems or trauma that no longer serves you and allows you to move into heart based field of light. 1.5 hr sessions $150.00

Group Activations with Barbara and Mark Reynolds $25.00 

Eleanor Gona - Intuitive Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist -  

John of God Crystal Light Bed Sessions with Rose Volpefacilitates crystal bed sessions, casa crystals far-infrared light treatments.

Reiki - Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy 

Pike Creek Reiki and Healing Arts is about ENERGY!

Your energy, the energy of the universe, the Energy of a higher power.   

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