Using the transference of energy to clear your energy blockages to allow physical, mental and spiritual healing. Helps to balance chakras that may be holding your body and mind in pain. 


Contact us for information on treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD & ADHD








See What You Can Experience with reiki

Aromatherapy is used during reiki and meditation to enhance the experience. Learn how aromatherapy can enhance your health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

   Some of our compounds are excellent alternatives for everyday use in place of chemicals.  Pick up some Tick and Mosquito Repellent for yourself and your pets.



Private and group meditation sessions. Learn how to quiet the mind chatter and adjust your mental frequencies. The physical body is a way to use our five senses to experience the physical dimension. Learn to use your mind to go beyond the five senses.




Pike Creek Reiki 


& Healing Arts Center.



Himalayan Salt Lamps and Inhalers

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Smudging/Blessing Materials


Essential Oils and Supplies


Crystals, Stones & Pendulums


Designs by Anita -

             Reiki infused jewelry

Shell and Stone Jewelry 


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Tarot Cards/Books

​Crystal Oracle Cards

Energy training through a system of light exercises joining movement and breathing. Good for stress reduction and overall health enhancement 


Qi Gong


Chakra Balancing

The chakras represent energy centers in the body, and chakra balancing is believed to create health and spiritual growth. In western culture practice, there are seven basic chakras which run through the center of the body or the "core" and each one correlates to certain parts of the body and the mind. Unbalanced chakras can manifest in physical and emotional ways.

House & Business Blessing

  New home or business? Clear out that old energy and bring in good energy for happiness and prosperity. 

  Home full of tension? Arguments? Sadness or depression?  Lighten up the atmosphere in your home by clearing out old and negative energy and blessing your home, you won't believe how light and airy the same house can feel. 

  Especially beneficial when there has been a change with the living situation or a home with discord.


 Marriage Officiate

   The Rev. Tammy Petruccelli is a non-denominational minister ordained by

The Church of Spiritual Humanism. 

 Each couple and their journey to each other is unique and I believe their ceremony should reflect who they are.

   Customized services for couple of all faith systems and beliefs since 2006.

  Also naming ceremonies, house blessings, baptisms.

Experience is everything, your healing journey is completely original to your needs and desires. Our Philosophy is to help you grow through the benefits of all types of healing - Mind-Body-Spirit