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I'm very pleased to announce the return of Rev Hoyt Robinette to the Baltimore area this November for card circles, one silk circle, and private readings from Wednesday, November 11 - Sunday, November 15 .
Schedule & locations of events:
            Wednesday Nov 11, 2015 through Saturday Nov 14, 2015 in Towson (7 each day)
            Times are 10:00, 10:40, 11:20 AM; 12:00 Noon; 1:10, 1:50, & 2:30 PM.
            Sunday Nov 15, 2015 in Towson (5 this day)
            Times are 10:00, 10:40, 11:20 AM; 12:00 Noon; & 12:40 PM.
SILK CIRCLE :  Cost: $105. Exclusive to us. Limit of 15 seats.
            Wednesday Nov 11, 2015 at 7:30 PM in Butler
CARD CIRCLES :   Cost: $95. Limit of 25 seats per circle.
            Thursday Nov 12, 2015 through Saturday Nov 14, 2015 at 7:30 PM in Towson
            Sunday Nov 15, 2015 at 7:30 PM in Westminster
New this visit:
NEW PAYMENT POLICY: Payment, which confirms your seat, should be mailed within 7 days from when I acknowledge your appointment request. 
How to schedule times with Hoyt: 
1. Once you have decided which event(s) you want, please reply to this email with several days/times. Make sure I understand exactly what event(s) you want to attend.  Quick response and flexibility with your request increases your chances of seeing Hoyt.
2.  As soon as I acknowledge your reservation request, mail your check to me.  Include your cell telephone number and event & date on the check.  Your space is confirmed when I tell you that I picked up your check. Please make checks payable to Bob Kneebone and mail to: 
Bob Kneebone
P.O. Box 42262
Baltimore MD 21284-2262
Important information:
1      You may sign up for any event and you may sign up for more than one type of event and more than one card circle.
2      Payments must be mailed within SEVEN (7) days of my acknowledging your reservation request. If payment is not received, you could lose your space. I will confirm receipt of your check.
3      No substitutions without my approval 
4      I will record each private reading and I will burn you a CD.  You may bring a blank CD or I’ll have them available for $3.  You may also use your own recorder.  
5      Recording any portion of the circles is not permitted . However, I will record the circle and you'll receive a recording of everything Hoyt says to you while he is doing blindfold-billet readings.   
6      All registrations need to be completed via email. If you need to reach me with questions, my cell is 410-908-7377.  For communications, email or texting are preferred.
7      These events are first-come/first-served.  Once an event is full.  I will run a waiting list and fill any openings from that.
8      Refunds and "exchanges" - No substitutions for any event without my prior approval.  Full refunds are available through October 24, 2015.  After that, cancellations will be refunded if I can fill the seat. With the card circles, a last minute cancellation may be converted to proxy.  Contact me for details.    
We hope to see you in November.   Questions welcome


When a client first told me about her first visit to see Rev. Hoyt Robinette and his spirit group I thought for sure this was a fraud.  Before I signed up and committed $90.00 and the almost two hour drive to Upperco, MD, I decided to google good old Hoyt.  Putting his name in along with the word "fraud" I found an interesting blog written by a woman who attended a spirit gathering, along with her husband, with every intent to prove him a fake.  She wrote about how when you first come in the room, you are asked to fill out a "billet" a slip of paper that you write your name, the name of three people who have passed that you would like to hear from and a question for spirit. These are simply folded in half and dropped into a basket.  Hoyt arrived and realized that he had forgotten his paints and turned around and went back to his hotel to pick them up.  In the meantime, the guests occupied themselves by inspecting everything they could. His basket, the blank cards the desk even his blindfold.

   Okay, so now you are pretty confused, what does this Hoyt Robinette do? Why would anyone think that a Reverend, a spiritual medium be a fraud? Because although many people may be gifted as a medium, I have never heard of Spirit drawing art. Yes, art.  

    Before Hoyt begins, he goes into great length about the various pens, colored pencils, markers, oil paint crayons etc. that are used.  He has a member of the audience open and inspect a package of unlined plain white index cards.  Using a lidded basket he layers those art supplies with the index cards like a lasagna. Puts the lid on the basket and sets it aside right in front of everyone. Preferring to work in the dark, Hoyt uses medical tape to tape his eyes down then puts on a leather blindfold. This allows him to be in the dark while the group is in a well lit room.  That basket is never out of site of the whole group.  He then dumps out the folded billets and gathers them up like little paper soldiers as he takes them one by one and "reads" the names from the papers, giving messages to amazed audience members, claiming their messages one by one. 

  Now, not as to trick the medium, but I have some strange names in my family, not a John, Mary or David in the bunch and he got them all first and last along with some personality traits. So, ok, a lot of intuitive people/mediums can do that too. Some people were told about the art work they were to receive etc.  I was told that two of my guides wanted me to know that they were NOT Native American but Alaskan Eskimo Indians! Well, okay then, I thought how interesting.  He then answered my "question for spirit", not the one on the paper (I simply wrote "information from my guides") but the one I sent to them from my head.  I have to admit I was so moved I was crying pretty hard, forgetting that I had worn makeup my tissue looked like Tammy Faye Baker had fallen into it!

   When all the billets were "read" and the messages given to the last of the participants, he removes his blindfold, untapes his eyes exclaiming that he got to keep all of his eyelashes this time.  He opens the lidded basket and begins to unravel his art supplies. Out comes the pens, pencils, markers, oil paint crayons etc. and all the papers, he starts separating the papers and low and behold there are papers in between that have pictures on them!  He gathers them together and turns them over to see to whom each art card belongs to.  You see, our names along with names of guides that he mentioned during the readings are written on the cards in different handwriting. Most of us also had the name of a flower too!  Angel Raphael had signed mine, I had just asked for Angel Raphael to bring his healing during the past Tuesday's guided meditation. (I invite him every week now to guided meditation).  Everyone is sharing their cards, one man told me he had been to six spirit circles and has never seen two cards alike etc. How the same guide signs his card each time.  

   Two cars full of us a total of ten people drove this almost two hour drive to see this amazing miracle.  We all stopped for a late meal to share and pretty much calm down from this experience. We were so energized, we needed that drive home to "come down".

  So, remember the woman who went to see Hoyt in an attempt to prove him a fraud, well she took her card and had it analyzed for photo chemicals etc. Nope, just markers, oil paint, colored pencils etc.. I have tried to rack my brain and figure out how this could not be real, just like the woman who had her and her husband’s cards tested.  I have given it a lot of left brain thought, even if he had pre colored those cards, and found a way to slip them into that lidded basket in front of us like a masterful magician, when he held my billet, he had no idea who I was. He was never introduced to me, as I am saying yes, those names are for me, he didn't know who he was talking to, how could he KNOW to tell me that my guides were Eskimos and names of other guides or those guides were signing my card. You see, MY Card has the most beautiful picture of two Alaskan Indians on the front. And the names of my dead relatives? Antonio, Mildred and Orville. 

   So, now is your chance to see it for yourself. I had tried to get information on his schedule last fall, it is not published and he does not keep a web page. Doesn't want the work.  He exchanged emails with me last September and told me at that time that after he met me he would decide if he would come to my little healing center in Newark De.  I am so happy to say that he is coming in April, the 16th 17th and 18th, 2014.  He is doing private readings during the day and the group circles with spirit cards in the evening.  Information is under events in my profile which includes a copy of my spirit card.