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Multi Dimensional Healing with Bette Hanson
 Monday March 6th, 7-9:30pm
$ 30

        We live in a vibrational universe as energy beings with unlimited consciousness and wisdom. As we change our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, our spiritual energy and knowledge expands. This is  awakening, yet, many are trapped in the burdens of the past. It's time to let go.Multi Dimensional Healing is evolutionary energy that lets us experience and expand our consciousness with the soul purpose of clearing the blocks that prevent us from aligning with spiritual awakening. 
Guided by Source, Multi Dimensional Healing helps us open to the true nature of higher vibration in the safety and community of a group environment. Fueled by our intentions, this sacred space is many things to many people: a profound healing tool, a Divine mirror, an amplifier for what is needed to enhance the journey, an interdimensional portal, a deeply grounding anchor to Gaia, an expansive meditation, a light body activation or an energizing integration. It can be heart-opening, scary, thrilling, deeply loving, awakening, activating, restful or purging -- depending on how we set our intention and what we need in the moment

TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGY: Multi Dimensional Healing is different in that it deeply bridges Divine consciousness into each energetic system to support and assist your awakening process. The magical transformation of VortexHealing® of the Merlin lineage, channels the Grace of Divine consciousness into the different planes of reality where our conditioning exists. While the grounding potency of Divine Earth Energy uses the Tree of Life to unite awakened Mother Earth with cosmic Divinity flowing through us as the infinite conduit. Divine guides join in the process as called and when needed. Each and every time you participate, it integrates and works more deeply to create the exact shift and transformation you need. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Intuitively guided, each healing follows the group intention with a proven, holistic formula of grounding, relaxing, energizing, releasing, re-patterning, awakening and integrating. Some may fall asleep, slip into a deep meditative trance or experience a number of symptoms like chills, itchiness, heat, yawning, discomfort, heightened emotions etc., as negative blocks, karma knots, stored emotions, trauma and repressed feelings are released. This may create an energetic detox with transmutational symptoms that are temporary. Remember, detoxing and healing do not come without side effects. As we progress, we find the discomfort eases and we awaken into new levels of truth, freedom, awareness and being.

EARTHWORK: The purpose of every Multi Dimensional Healing is to serve humanity through helping raise the collective consciousness of the Earth/Gaia. Earthwork is a vital component to support the planet's collective shift away from disharmony and discord into balance, cooperation and peace - one person, one space, one group at a time. 

Space may be limited, please RSVP, however last minute walk-ins are always welcome. Expect to relax deeply, please bring water, a blanket, mat and pillow for your comfort. This group is not a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course and requires no effort, background or belief. It is safe and compatible with any and all other modalities. All ages and all conditions of health are welcome.

You are a being of great spiritual power that the world needs to free itself for the future.  It's time to embrace the truth of who you truly are!  

Note: From the moment you decide to come to this event, the Divine can start preparing you. Strong emotions or synchronistic situations may arise or you may even meet with resistance in attending. Bless it all and breath your way through it.

BIOGRAPHY: Bette Hanson is a holistic practitioner, empath, intuitive healer, channel and higher consciousness mentor devoted to serving people, pets and the planet. Merging with the I Am Tree (Tree of Life), she is naturally gifted with Divine Earth Energy facilitating inter-dimensional connectedness of all life. Certified at the most advanced levels of VortexHealing®, she’s accumulated over 1200 hours of training since 2006. Certified practitioners complete a rigorous series of spiritually expansive training based in Awakening. This evolutionary training offers a palette of multi dimensional tools designed to systematically, consciously, and holistically transform issues at all levels where separation exists, returning us to Wholeness. Bette’s private practice is based out of Philadelphia, PA and she facilitates group events, workshops and Earthwork throughout the East Coast and the world. Remote and distance sessions are also available. For details visit or email:

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