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Dr. Natalie L. Trent is a Harvard Researcher and Life Force Guide in both Usui Reiki and Shamanic traditions.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto in 2006 and her Doctorate in Neuroscience from Queen’s University in 2012, where she investigated the neurobiology of anxiety regulation. She has published a number of peer-reviewed papers and presented her research at international conferences.

Natalie is currently a full-time Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, where she investigates the effect of mindfulness on many aspects of psychological and physical health and well-being. She is also a part-time Neuropsychologist at Butler Psychiatric Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. Natalie’s other research includes the effects of Reiki energy healing through the Center for Reiki Research, psychedelics, yoga, near death experiences, and meditation. She is also part of the Campaign for Open Sciences and the movement toward a Post-Materialist Science

Natalie obtained Reiki and Shamanic training in Ontario Canada from 2010-2012 and continues to grow in her practice. She works with clients from all over the world through her distant energy healing practice. Through combining Reiki, Shamanism, deep intuition, and the science of mind/body medicine, her main passion is in educating others on nonphysical reality and empowering clients to learn how to guide their own life force energy.



 Pike Creek Reiki & Healing Arts Center is participating in a study on the effects of reiki being done by Dr. Natalie Trent of Harvard University in cooperation with the International Center for Reiki Research with William Rand. 

  A small number of reiki masters across the United States will be accepted into the program so we are very happy to have been selected to participate.

  Participation by clients is completely voluntary and Dr. Trent does not have any client information and Pike Creek Reiki does not have any access to the surveys.

 The hope to have 5-6 Thousand surveys completed in the next year. By gathering this information it will help to realize and educate on the effects of reiki and hopefully into the medical  profession.