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HImalayan Salt Lamps



Salt Lamps are mined  600-800 meters down deep in the Himalayan Mountains of  Pakistan.  Containing over 80 minerals and elements, this salt is being used as a natural form of air purifying. Releasing the negative ions that neutralize the positive ions created by the electronics and natural air and energy disruptors in our atmosphere, dust, pollen etc.

  Salt therapy, also known as haliotherapy, is being used by those suffering from allergies, COPD, asthma, and to encourage healthy lungs in general. 

 The minerals released from the lamps by the humidity in the air and the 7 watt light bulb are minerals and elements found naturally in our bodies that are being depleted by the pollution, dust, pollen, electricity etc.. 

  We carry a small line of salt lamps, the size you use depends on the size of the room it is in.


​Lamps begin at $20.00