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HOmeopathy **


Five years before the birth of Christ,  the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates wrote

that there should always be a connection between illness and remedy.

Homeopathy is a form of natural therapy that can ease symptoms from illness with minute doses

of certain natural substances according to the patients own individuality. Based

on Hippocrates great medical principle of "like cures like", Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

of Germany developed the first text on the art and science of homeopathy in 1810.

Homeopathy practically disappeared in America by the 1950's, due mostly to

the advances in modern medicine. Used extensively in America and Europe

for over 200 years, homeopathy is again gaining in popularity in America

since the 1970's and is accepted world wide as a natural and safe compliment

to overall health and well being.


Make an appointment to research homeopathic options for a variety of

issues and ailments.


** No medical claims are made or is this a substitute for your professional medical care. Please consult your physician before using homeopathic remedies if you are on prescription medication or before discontinuing any prescribed medicines.