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Karan Angel Tumasz
Spiritual Coach

Karan is an author, teacher, healer and spiritual advisor.  With over 20 years’ experience Karan utilizes her connection to the angels, guides and masters as well as natural intuitive ability to help you discover/create your best life.  “They” show her your highest potential and then she works to encourage your success. Helping each step of the way, working with the angels to encourage when you need it, strengthen when you become unsure and helping you to find the joy you were meant to have is her life mission.

The word angel means messenger. These heavenly beings are around us at all times, waiting to help in whatever form we need. From guardian angels to Seraphim, the angels around you are revealed. You can learn to communicate with them yourself, and or messages can be received for you.

Allow Karan to share with you the wisdom of the ages – from guides to masters to saints to ancient teachings such as the kabbalah, you are sure to find the guidance you seek. Encourage peace in your soul as we delve deeply into your specific purpose, your personal mission, your innate talents. Classes, workshops, retreats, and personal consults are all available for your spiritual evolvement.

While Karan specializes in soul healing; physcial, mental and emotional healing is also addressed.

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Over all other modalities, prayer is the strongest and most successful.