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Come and try our newest healing treatment..
Amethyst Bio Mat Treatment, alone or with a reiki treatment.
Amethyst Bio Mat has several settings to help relax, relieve tension and pain, help treat illnesses like Lymes, Cancer and more to help relieve symptoms. The bamboo mat is filled with amethyst, citrine and tourmaline crystals while it emits Far Infrared Light.  
"The biomat delivers soothing deep penetrating heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body, It's a safe and natural way to achieve optimal health now and maintain a stronger more resilient body in the future." Dr. George Grant, PhD, IMD

Qi Gong with Anita every Tuesday 6:30 -7:15  Followed by Guided Meditation by Tammy 7:30 -8:30


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 Private Sessions with Tammy
 As always you can book private sessions with Tammy for Reiki, Reflexology and Readings.  Also Offering Private Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing, House Blessings and Wedding Officiant.  
To Book call Tammy 302-530-6682
For Additional Information or 
Expanding the gallery and groups with Appearances by the Psychic Sisters - Tammy & partner Eleanor Gona, gifted psychic, tarot reader & numerologist the Psychic Sisters are available for groups, meetings, conferences, conventions. 

   End of Life Doulas
Congratulations to our Certified End of Life Doulas, filling the gap between Hospice and Caregiver, Transitional Doula's provide such a very needed service to those at the end of their life and their families.  Right now , for a limited time, to introduce our services, our certified doulas are volunteering their services to families in this position to show how valuable this service is. Interested in the next EOLD Certification Class & For more information contact Tammy  or 
  Reiki volunteers are happy to provide services to those undergoing Cancer treatments,Hospice or other debilitating illnesses. Contact Tammy for information. 


Pike Creek Reiki & Healing Arts Ctr. | 302-530-6682 |  

  don't forget our great selection of Crystal Reiki infused Jewelry, Pendulums, Smudge Materials, Essential Oils, Crystals, Books and more.
  GIFT CERTIFICATES are always the right size, Give the gift of REIKI or a READING. 
or an Amethyst Bio-Mat Treatment. 

Private Appointments with Tammy
 Reiki works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels to cleanse and balance the chakras to promote self healing. If you haven't tried a reiki session, what are you waiting for? 
 As a Medical Reiki Master Tammy is available for pre or post surgical reiki and is certified for Reiki during surgery. 
  As a medium, Tammy is able to connect with loved ones in the spirit realm and bring healing messages. Offering Reiki, Readings or Reiki with Readings.  Call to schedule your appointment 302-530-6682

Reiki Appointments With Andrea or Anita
  In practice for over 15 years, Reiki Master Anita Gery is available for treatments on Wednesday Afternoons.  302-302-463-4996
   Reiki II practitioner, Andrea Petruccelli has been attuned for 10 years and practicing Reiki since the age of 12.

Get a session with Andrea at a special rate of $40 for 45 minutes. 302-530-6682

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