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Reiki & Religion


Reiki is NOT a religion or a spiritual path in itself. although many practitioners and

clients alike say they fell a deeper spiritual connections through reiki. It is not a

satanic practice or a Buddhist practice or a Pagan practice nor is it witchcraft or

voodoo.  Clients and practitioners come from all walks of life and have diverse

spiritual beliefs. The Universal Source of Life - from which reiki flows- can mean

different things to different people. God/Goddess, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Jesus,

the Holy Spirit, nature, angels the universe itself- your belief is personal. Healing

energy exists, no matter what we call it and it is just as effective of the christian who

believes it is the Holy Spirit as it is for the atheist who believes it comes from nature.


There has been many scientific studies proving that a human energy field does exist,

it has been photographed by kirlian photography. And I have personally witnessed my

clients as they have experienced unexplainable physical connections to a seemingly

non physical experience.  

For Catholics, this may be conflicting as the American Catholic Bishops have spoken out against reiki, calling it superstition, even though many catholic nuns and priests in America and around the world practice reiki every day. Yet we have been taught to pray for intersession from saints, angels and the Blessed Mother all of our lives.  

One of the greatest and most respected leaders of the Catholic Church Pope John Paul II, gave an Apostolical Blessing to Sister Mariusza Jadwiga Bugaj, a Catholic nun from Poland, for her work in reiki as Pope John Paul II did receive reiki for his Parkinsons.  Sister Mariusza Jadwiga Bugaj, learned reiki in Vancouver, Canada.

Many Christian religions believe and honor "laying of hands" of healing from the Holy Spirit. In the Indian culture shakti energy is respected and used to help heal. 

The Jewish Religion has no problem with reiki. 

​For those looking for additional confirmation within the bible please refer to First Corinthians Chapter 12.

​For those looking for additional information on Sister Mariusza: