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Pike Creek Reiki 




  Shambhava Healing is another Energy Treatment modality similar to Reiki. Tammy is a Shiv Yogini and uses the Shambhava training in her healing sessions, including distance sessions and meditation sessions. 


& Meditation

  Can't make it in for an appointment in person? Let's schedule a remote appointment.  Many people have had the same experience and benefits by a remote treatment as in person. 


Emotional Energy Technique

 For Chronic Pain and Illness


This treatment is a one and a half hours long and sometimes takes two or more sessions.

​We work on getting the the root of the chronic pain which sometimes lies in emotional stress or trauma. This process has been found to release a lot of past emotions which in turn may reduce pain.

90 minutes-    90.00



 Healing Touch is another Energy Treatment modality similar to Reiki. Tammy is a level II Healing Touch Student and uses Healing Touch training in her healing sessions. 

Am I ready to learn reiki? 

 There are three/four levels of learning Reiki. 

Reiki 1 teaches you how to perform reiki on yourself and others. Basic reiki practice, history and moves. This does not qualify you to be an actual reiki practitioner but to practice on yourself, family and friends. Once you have taken the class you have a 21 day cleansing and downloading process, this is a learning level. Once you finish this class, it is time to actually LEARN about living a reiki life.

Reiki II - Teaches reiki symbols, distance reiki and the spiritual side of reiki. This allows you to work on more than friends and family as an actual practitioner. This class is taken when the student feels they are confident in giving reiki treatments and have an understanding of how "their" reiki gifts work.

Reiki III/Master - This brings in more of the spiritual reiki, more meditation and additional moves and practices. This student is ready when they have been doing reiki for awhile and understand and have developed their gifts and understanding of living a reiki life.

Reiki Master/Teacher - This is when you can prove that you are ready and able to teach and attune others to perform reiki. 

   Some masters will teach Reiki I & II together over a weekend, I personally feel this is a lot to absorb and find that students who learn one and two separately tend to develop a deeper understanding of reiki and tend to continue their reiki development smoother.

  Many masters teach Reiki Master/Teacher together also. I ask my masters to assist teach reiki I & II classes before getting the final teacher attunement and symbols. I feel it is important that those who teach be ready and well trained. Mrs. Takata held master/teacher training at one full year. So a few extra months of practice seems like a deal.

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Also known as "Zone Therapy", is a natural healing technique by applying pressure to parts of the feet, hands or ears to affect correlated areas in the body. Based on the theory that reflex points on these appendages are linked to all the organs, glands and other body parts. working on these reflexes triggers the body's self-healing response.

30 minutes - $40.00

Reiki Share


For attuned Reiki Practitioners of all levels Energy Practitioners of other modalities welcome

1st & 3rd Wednesdays          12:00 noon


Registration requested as space is limited no set fee, donation basket provided.

Reiki OR Reflexology

& Sound Healing  

Reiki is a non invasive ancient form of hands off/on healing, helping to balance the bodies energy centers to self heal mind body and spirit. Tammy uses tibetan singing bowls at the end of all reiki sessions, Reflexology can also be combined with reiki.


30 minutes - $40.00

60 minutes-    60.00  with Reading $120.00

$20 additional to add Amethyst Bio Mat

Distance Reiki Session - $40.00

(Distance treatments run @30 minutes and can be done anywhere)


Children: $20.00


45 minutes - $40.00

For your convenience we accept cash, check, credit and paypal

Reiki Practitioner Classes


Reiki I  Student  $150         

pre-registration required                    

Reiki II Practitioner  $175.00       

pre-registration required

Master Class       $350.00

Master Teacher   $300.00           

Now approved by the Delaware Division of Body and Massage Licensing for CE credits. Each class is worth six elective credits

Ask about Reiki I class for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorde