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Classes & Retreats

We have a variety of scheduled classes including Reiki Practitioner I & II and Master/Teacher.

On occasion we host many guest speakers, workshops and classes. Join our Facebook page and/or Newsletter signup to keep up to date on the many wonderful offerings.




Chakra Balancing


Associated with the spinal column, this is the center of your body's energy system and it shields the body's most critical nerves. Medical researchers have discovered that most of the human body's greatest concentrations of nerve centers align with the Chakra points! There are 7 basic chakras that most people are aware of, actually there are many more. These chakra or energy stations can block the flow of your bodies energy limiting the physical, emotional or spiritual healing. We can check those chakras through interview and energy and attempt to help you balance them for better physical and emotional well being. 

Crystal THerapy

Crystals, stones and metals can actually "hold" energy. Quartz watch movements are used because the energy in quartz keeps the watch in perfect time. For centuries man and woman have used stones for energy healing including Moses brother Abraham as instructed by God to use 12 stones for his breastplate garment, under his priestly robes and the same 12 stones to build the temple.  Let's talk about the properties of stones and how you might use them. 

Reiki Treatments *

Life Force Energy!

Reiki (ray-key) translates as Universal Life Energy. Reiki energy brings about deep relaxation, dissolves energy blockages, detoxifies, supplies healing energy and increases the vibrational frequency of the body. 

During Reiki treatments our clients are fully clothed on a treatment table. This is NOT a physical massage, and the practitioner touches very lightly. 

During your treatment of this hands-off approach, the practitioner attempts to move your body's physical energy to send healing energy where the body needs it and unblock those areas that may be constricted. 

Includes aromatherapy during treatments and Tibetan Singing Bowls at the end of a treatment.

*Reiki is a complimentary treatment and does NOT attempt to make medical claims or is a substitute for your professional medical care.

Usui Ryoho Method Reiki