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ā€‹To say that Simon Hay is a phenomenal healer would be understated. I'm not sure there are words that can completely describe the complex feelings, connection, and emotions that you have after/during a healing session with him. He's genuine, warm, honest and accurate. I enjoy trying out different healers, so I went to see Simon without seeking a specific result. I was mainly intrigued by his medical intuitive abilities. As I write this, It has been weeks since my session with him and I haven't had any neck pain or tension headaches (weekly to daily issue for me), it's easier to hold my proper posture (usually a task for me - it's as if I have less weight on my shoulders), my energy levels are stable and I feel I have a real understanding of myself. I won't share all of the amazing details, but he is a true healer. My life will never be the same and for that I am very thankful. Thank you Simon. Michelle from Maryland

This is crazy!! Simon - and his team completely restored my vision. Looking in the mirror, I look completely different - the whites of my eyes are white for the first time since August! Chandra

The feedback and comments on sessions with Simon have been astounding! to say the least.  Everyone is feeling his energy and connection weeks later.

For myself, Simon began working on me from Australia after my second Breast Cancer diagnosis. I did all that I could with diet and meditation etc but when I showed up at the cancer clinic, I was told that all four lymph nodes were clear of cancer tumors!  When I first lay on the massage table for my first in person treatment, I immediately wanted to sit up and hug Simon. It was his energy, it was the most spiritual and enlightening energy from a human that I had ever felt. EVERYONE who meets him, is drawn to his energy. And his personality is simple and honest.  

    Enjoying his book also.  I will put it in the words of one of his clients, you must get Simonized! Tammy 


  We had a group session with Simon. Great information and talk, Q & A and meditation.  During the evening presentation, Simon did some channeling, many witnessed some facial morphing. I, on the other hand, didn't hear the directions and closed my eyes, I was "hit" like an electrical power punch of gold light into my chest. I just went with the feeling and absorbed whatever blessings I was being given.  Afterwards Simon began a second meditation, during this meditation I went very deep.  When called to "come back" I was unable to physically return. I knew I was being "downloaded" or expanding energetically.  It last long after everyone else had stopped their meditation.  My mind was there but the body was refusing to cooperate.  Silently, telepathically, I was calling to Michelle Buss, Simon's protege" thinking she might hear me connect and help me return, I was physically trying to open my eyes with my fingers. Nothing was working, then finally I was able to open my eyes but I was out of it, out of balance, eyes were foggy, I just couldn't function or think.  Simon and Michelle both worked on me to bring me back to balance.  What an amazing experience.  I look forward to what beautiful energy was downloaded and gifted to me during that session. Tammy Petruccelli


Simon Hay will be returning to Wilmington/Maryland/PA/VA

in April 2018 


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  We had the privilege of experiencing healing sessions and a mentoring class here at Pike Creek Reiki and at the U of D Continuing Education Center while Simon visited Wilmington, De in March, 2016.  His amazing energy, medical mediumship and healing gifts were so strong and many experienced amazing hearings, some spiritual, some physical, all emotional. We look forward to his return in the autumn.  

  Simon also does distance healings, please click on his webpage to contact him for a distance healing. 




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I believe human potential is unlimited and together we can create perfect health. The healing allows your life to flow with abundance, helps you to connect with your higher self, and live a life filled with success, happiness, love, and health. 

As a medium and psychic Iā€™m able to communicate to and work with spirit, follow energy threads into generational spirit, and re-visit past lives. This ability complements the healing, and clients interact with and experience spirit. I can also connect clients to spirit guides and family and friends in spirit.

My mission is to transcend the barriers between race, religion, and all fields of medicine. I dream of the day when genuine healers work side by side with doctors and surgeons. I live in Queensland, Australia, and work for the world.


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