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    Do you remember when you did my reiki session a year ago when Alex was still trying to choose which college she would go to. Her first choice was in Rochester, her second was in NYC, and her third was in glen side pa. You said she would go to the one in Rochester but wouldn't make it through the first semester and that she would end up at the one in Pa and would be fine. I never told her any of this. So she chose Rochester. And by Halloween she was home. She went back and forth between going back or going to learn a trade, to college just not being for her. Then about 4 weeks ago she called Arcadia out of the blue and they deferred her acceptance from last year and gave her all her scholarships. I remembered what yiu said and now I feel so much better because I think she will be ok. You are awesome. Need to get in to see you soon - Diane T

Thank you so much for your healing and friendship. So glad that the universe brought us together.- Love and Gratitude, Wendy  

 Sending you love! You have no idea how many times I think of you - you were instrumental in my healing after Michael's death. He has continued to send messages to me through people, gave me several, and even spoke thru a medium at the Chalice Well on Samhain night. -Raven


   Thank you Tammy, for an incredible and enlightening experience. It truly was our pleasure to have made your acquaintance and when it is possible, you will see more of us.  Three was so much that you did not pick up that i wanted to come back and do this again. I do understand that there were some pretty powerful energies going on last night and that that may have overwhelmed some other things that are going on.

​  I feel like I had a visit from my daughter and grandson last night in the form of angels complete with wings, in a dream but neither one spoke with me. Today I feel pretty good and more relaxed than I have been for quite awhile. This speaks volumes for me. I am looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully soon! - Esther

Dear Miss Tammy, Thank you for giving me a message from my mom-mom.  When I see purple energy balls I know my mom-mom is with me. I can't wait to see you again. I want to hear you play the music bowls. - Love Molly

Tammy has done so much for me and my overall well being. If you have a need for any type of healing, you NEED to see Tammy - Karen

Tammy has helped me in so many ways that I don't even think she realizes all of them, and has made me thirsty for much more knowledge our bond is unbreakable- Esther

Tammy, you are very gifted and amazing. You are right on with everything. Your reiki healing has helped me so much in so many ways, emotionally as well as physically. You re very gifted and I'm blessed to have met you - Michelle

Tammy's Tuesday night meditations are WonderFULL!! - Mark

Tammy was an amazing conduit to connect with Spirit. A lot of the information given from Tammy is so accurate. She is so kind, empathetic and reassuring. all messages given by spirit was loving. Loved the experience! - Sunny

​Tammy-  I wanted to tell you how much your reading meant to my mom! She's selling the house she lived in with my stepfather (died last year) and buying a condo on the beach. I told her everything you said and she cried she was so happy! I wrote it in an e-mail so she could print it off and keep it with her! xoxoxoxox -Brenda

 Impressed by Tammy's extensive Reiki experience I was excited to work with her. Her energy and working environment was amazing. I loved how we took time out to breakdown on the body what parts physically and energetically were bothering me. Not only did she focus on those areas but facilitated in a complete Chakra balance with infused mediumship. Hearing messages from my guides while being healed was mind blowing. There were things I never told her before and my guides was speaking through her to gain my confidence in her mediumship abilities. Pike Creek Reiki also does group meditations as well as many other services which is helping people grow and become in tune with their higher selves. I'm grateful that we've met and I can't wait to start Reiki one training with her! Thanks again for everything!   Warmly, Floyd


I believe Reiki has improved my work environment and I'm even busier then before! It's like something clicked. -Karen L

 I felt like I needed to share (with someone who wouldn't think I was crazy) 
This journey (that started this spring with Meeting Donna / you) has been high , low and incomprehensibly strange at times. 
Recently, I have experienced internal shifting and underlying emotional issues have started to surface. 
     On Friday last week, I started to have an abnormal feelings in my neck - I was thinking I had a pinched nerve as I had numbness on the left side of my ear/neck.  By Monday, it was worse and I had heaviness in my left arm. (Crazy strange symptoms) -but I knew something was wrong.  I made an apt to see my dr (for thurs) but started thinking it may be more serious.  
    I came to meditation on tues struggling with my body sensations, emotions,  tension so I had a hard time focusing during meditation. 
    The only thing i ever experience is energy shifting in the room which i did on tue but nothing different than normal.  
    During mediation, You gave us a message from Jesus.  He said to love yourself.  He said you have to love yourself first.  You can't love others unless you love yourself.   After class everyone shared their experience of neck adjustment and sensations I was jealous and think I said as much in class.  I was actually a little frustrated and thought " I am hurting and in need why didn't Jesus come to me?" 
   On the way home Michelle and I talked about how crazy it  that she also had seen the face of Jesus.  I had shared my recent emotional revelations of the past weekend and she said OMG - that message from Jesus was for you! I kinda laughed it off and we said goodnight.  After I had gone inside, i realized my NECK WAS FINE, I didn't have numbness or heaviness and was had full mobility that I hadn't had for a week!   It's took me all of Wednesday to process (or try to process) what took place tue night. 
 I believe that message and healing WAS FOR ME!  I am humbled at the thought that Jesus would meet me there and give me this gift of healing.  In that moment I was unaware of what had happened but I believe He was using you & your group as messengers.  I think they were experiencing what was happening to me even though I couldn't feel it.  In retrospect, if they had not shared the experience, I may have written the whole thing off as coincidence. 
  I am so grateful and thankful to be a part of your group meditation. 
I don't know why or how i am there  sometimes but I believe it's for a higher purpose.  Clearly, Tuesday I was there because I need healing.  
  Thank you so much for doing what you do.  -Catherine W

From a client in Canada after listening to the Guided Meditation Recording for the first time:

         Oh Tammy. This is so wonderful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I listened to it and was embraced by the arms of my mama and visited by Jesus. I’ve been crying ever since. But it is a good crying. I need to cry right now… darkest before dawn right? I will be listening to this regularly. Thank you my dear and wonderful and amazing friend…

 Cheryl W.

Thank you again SO much for today, Tammy. It was almost an instant change in her attitude today. We went to main street after we left you because she wanted some glue to make a craft. And we got tea at Starbucks. After dinner when Eric and Isabel were watching a movie, she was following me around. I asked her to help me make izzy's bed. She did and then started cleaning up Izzy's room!!! It wasn't super messy but she said, "let's tidy up Isabel's room her her". She has NEVER done that before! Then I helped her pick out clothes and make her lunch for a girl scout outing tomorrow.
She is happier than I have seen her in white a while, Tammy. No fighting with her sister, no whining. She even said "I feel so happy". She LOVED her session with you today. She came home and rearranged all of the crystals in her room, too. I'll keep you updated. Thank you for being so good to us, we love you! [❤] [😇] [💐] Kate- Newark



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​    ​​​​​I felt great after my session with you! I've been using Pan Away and have it where I can take a whiff of it whenever I think of it.  My mood was elevated for about two days. I noticed an increased feeling of lightness and joy that I welcomed with all my heart. 
  As for my pain, I experienced quite a bit of relief. However, it has returned. At first, it seemed to return at the same level, if nota little worse. Now that several days have passed, I'm experiencing improvement through increased mobility without as much pain.  - Laurie

  Thank you for my much needed reiki. Your friendship and guidance are a true blessing as I continue on this Spiritual journey. Honestly, I would still be lost if I hadn't met you - Angel

  My mom and I came in couple weeks ago for Reiki healing and I just wanted to let you know that things have been going great for both of us since our session together. I haven't been experiencing any pain in my back or my feet since the healing, which has really been a blessing. I know my mom has had a similar experience with her knee pain and overall stress/anxiety levels.  I just wanted to take the time to send a quick thank you not only for what you did for us physically and mentally, but also for introducing me to a new spiritual method of holistic health which I hadn't fully considered before. After you showed me the power of Reiki, I am definitely hoping to become certified at some point to be able to help others the way you've helped me and my family. Thank you Again, - Amanda

Had a great Reiki session today. Tammy is very nice and I felt so comfortable meeting her for the first time. I will definitely go again. - Jane 

Tammy and Anita, What a pleasure it was for our staff and participants to be exposed to your beautiful information. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your information with all of us and make our day smell like lavender! Can't wait to see you again.. - Jennifer Easter Seals

 From the moment I arrived my energy began to shift! 
I love her style of reiki and would recommend her services
Lots of perks I didnt know about! I am very pleased.. It was a divine meeting.. Tammy promptly got back with me to schedule an appoinment.. I got in immediatey! Let the healing begin!!! 
Thank you sooo much... I'll def be a regular client! - Lori

I had my first Reiki session with Tammy today. Love, love, loved it!!! The energy as soon as you get to the door is so serene. My reiki session was great.  I felt great afterwards. The room is very quiet and favorite part was the sound bowls she used at the end. She has a great assortment of candles, crystals and aromatherapy items that I am sad I did not get the opportunity to browse through. Next time I hope to take a look through some of the crystals. This was an absolutely lovely holistic center, certainly a hidden gem. Gracie A

​"Tammy was everything we wanted and more.She really cared about us and what we wanted highly recommend her thanks again:) Everybody loved our ceremony!" Jenn W.

​"My husband and I had a great experience working with Tammy. She was able to work with us over the phone because of the distance and our work schedules. She did a great job with our vows and putting the ceremony together. Thank you for all of your help and time! It was a great experience!!" Ashley L.

Just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job! You were fun and laid back which was obviously a great fit for us!!! -Ryen F

Karan Angel's Blog on her Reading with Tammy May 2016

​                           Why Yes, I do go to Psychics

           Karan Angel's Blog on her reading with Tammy May 2016

For the past few weeks, there have been a lot of ghosts around me.  All my ancestors come, letting me know they are there.  My Nana calls my name.  My dad drives by.  A woman who looks like Dot is in the grocery store.  I swear Aunt Janet is in every TJX that I enter.  And my Pop, who hasn’t been around in years is also close by.  
It doesn’t matter that I am a psychic or that I talk to and see dead people.  When it comes to my own messages and my own ghosts, I usually ask them “What are you doing here?” and then before they can answer I say, “Go back where you belong.”
It doesn’t matter if they come in a dream, show up at work, or tease me while I am trying to shop.  I usually say hello, and thank you for showing up, and then don’t give it a second thought.  However, the barrage of ghosts following me around the past month or so had me standing up and paying attention.  So I did what everyone does when this happens: I made an appointment with a healer/medium.
This person knew very little about me other than I do the same type of work she does.  (Which caused a little nervousness.  That left once the ghosts came in.)  She had no inkling about my family dynamics, who my friends are, or where I live.  That changed in the hour we spent together.
First she asks if my mother has passed.  I say, “not yet.”  So she starts to describe this woman with blonde hair who is winking at her.  That’s my Nan.  She liked to wink at you.  I am excited because this is whom I wanted to hear from.  She is the ghost I’ve been feeling the most.  We are going on, and the psychic is telling me that my Nan had “the gift” but had to hide it.  I am not surprised because of us five siblings, four are fairly intuitive.  
Nan doesn’t seem to be coming close enough, and the reader is having a hard time getting a message. Suddenly the reader receives a strong impression.  “She is showing me that she is wearing a suit, with stockings with a seam down the back and she is pulling a personal shopping cart behind her. This is in the 50’s or 60’s..  And she keeps talking about a chair.  Do you have her chair?  She wants to make sure you have her chair. Your grandmother was polish?  She has a very thick accent.”  
Wait a minute… that’s not my Nana.  That’s Rayka!
Rayka has some interesting words for me.  Why am I at a psychic when I can get my own messages?  Rayka is explaining how she is helping me even though I don’t know it.  (Actually, I do know it.  I realize it is she who got me started on the First Friday messages nights.)  Rayka doesn’t want to leave and insists I get that chair.  The reader asks me if I have the chair, or do I know what she is talking about.   I am pretty sure it’s the chair at my brother’s and there is no way he will ever give it up.  I am having a good laugh, Rayka is exactly as she always was.
Now we are moving on, and the reader gets a funny look on her face.  “Was your grandpa a functioning alcoholic?  And he liked to tease the kids?”  Actually, yes he was, and yes he did.  “He is staring at a picture of your grandmother.  Very adoringly.”
That’s my Pop.
She asks me about some business dealings that I am amazed she “knows” about, and gives me advice on where and how “they” want me to run my business.  This makes me happy, because she touched on some things I was wondering about.  The information was pretty exact.  
Next she throws that four letter word out there: move.  Two more.  Find a place to live and run your business out of, she says.  They want you to leave where you are and go to Center City, Philadelphia.  I’m thinking about parking for clients when the reader says Rayka jumped in and showed her a parking garage.  I can just hear Rayka saying, what are you, just stupid?  (This was always said endearingly with a bit of a smirk.)
My aunt and uncle (brother and sister) come in and say they are part of the gang trying to help my mom cross over.  My dad comes in and says he tried to help, but she got angry.  My mom wants nothing to do with him.  She told him to get the f*&k out.  This is exactly how my mother talks.  
The reader got some information on other living family members and some advice for all of them.  She told me I will be a grandma and I will live to see the babes.  The date for the exodus to the Carolinas (my family’s) will take place in about two years.  There was much more information, too much to give here, and the session was well worth the long drive.  
That is why I go to other psychics.  Just like everyone else, I will receive a message for myself and second guess it.  I know my ghosts are hanging around, and forget to wait for an answer when I ask them why.  When other peoples’ ghosts come in I know to wait for an answer, or to stop and listen to what they have to say.  I think I am just so used to mine hanging around me I barely pay attention to them anymore.
No messages from the ghost gang in my sister’s kitchen and no major guides came through.  That’s usually a good thing, no big work or karma to stress about right now.  I highly recommend Tammy if you decide you would like to see a healer/medium in the Newark, DE area.  She is reasonably priced and definitely connects with your ghosts.  She can be found at Pike Creek Reiki by appointment only.  Her website is